Squirrel models

Us teenagers (and really, humans in general) can learn an exponential amount from the defense system of a squirrel. When a squirrel finds itself backed into a corner, it initially panics. After that moment of sheer fright, the squirrel calms down and readies itself

Slowly, the squirrel inches its way towards its perilous foe. Usually, just an innocuous human being peering with curiosity. Then, it hurls itself at its monster, giving everything it has in its little squirrel body to tackle the issue at hand.

And honestly, that’s inspiring. In many situations, we cower in the face of peril and never face our fears. However, this is simply not the way to handle things. We must hurl ourselves with a leap ever valiant.

I also connected this to a video we viewed earlier in the year, Scared is Scared. Squirrels really understand that their fears are afraid. In this way, human beings should become a lot more like squirrels. dsc_0159


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