Diane Young


According to my mom, they used to say “take a picture so it could last longer” back in her day. Although I haven’t fact checked that, it’s certainly an interesting idea.

For example, look at this picture. If I hadn’t taken it I probably wouldn’t have ever remembered what I was doing October 6th a 6 AM in the morning. In fact, I can GUARANTEE I’d never remember. Why?

Because nothing significant happened.

Nothing big, nothing life-changing. All I did was act as an extra for The Haunt. For two shots to be exact. There was nothing important about that, nothing worth remembering.

But since I took this picture, I’ll remember the morning of October 6th, 2016 as long as I have the picture. Isn’t that crazy. A picture captures a moment not only literally, but figuratively.

In this picture, I’m trying to get a behind the scenes shot of the crew of The Haunt, but Diane ran in trying to get in as well. Not important right? But since I photographed it, it’s now personally important to me.

Pictures instantly attach sentimental value. 




2 thoughts on “Diane Young

  1. I’m super interested in this idea of the picture capturing a figurative moment in your life…What would you say is that figurative moment?

    Back in your mother’s day (and mine) we’d say “take a picture; it lasts longer” to someone who was looking or staring at you. It was a super snarky comment.


    1. Here, the figurative moment is kinda me realizing- “wow, look at the state of my life.” I’m waking up at 5 in the morning to help shoot a film, and I’m really invested in photography.

      And the people in the photo are my friends, doing that all with me. Years from now, I’ll remember where I was and exactly what kind of kid I was.


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