Put the riot in patriot

American pride and Baron pride are 2 feelings I can identify with, heavily. At the volleyball game, I got a picture of this pretty cool scene:


That’s a basketball player (I wish I got his name!) with the word “Barons” painted on his back, holding an American flag. He was leading the loud crowd in, well, getting loud.

It’s quite delightful to see someone so passionate about 2 things I’m passionate about, and I always love to see the creative ways people support our wonderful school and it’s sports teams.

To me, being proud of your identity is extremely important. Literally and figuratively, you are your identity. As a Baron and an American, I love to show and display my love and support for both, even in times of hardship.

We were down 2 games to Los Al, but our crowd was still cheering their throats out. America is amid the worst 2 presidential candidates of all time, but I don’t shun my national identity.

Your identity will always be you, so you should go out of your way to make it important. 


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