Baron Assemblies

Today was the homecoming assembly, and I was pretty pumped. I ended up catching a shirt in the crowd, and lost my voice in the process.


I really do love FVHS, but I find the idea of “loving” a school interesting. It’s putting your heart and your soul into a vibrant place of teenage hormones and emotion.

But it’s endearing. It really is. You spend 4 short, sometimes long, years at a building designed to educate you in calculus, literature, biology, and many other things. And after awhile, you end up attached.

I suppose it’s because a school can’t really break your heart, no matter how much love and appreciation you show it, it can do nothing but accept. Un like a human being, schools aren’t very manipulative nor are they able to mess with your emotions. Pretty neat relationship.

But still I wonder: Why do we love our schools? Why do we have school pride? What is the point if we’re in and out in 4 years?


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