I was eating with one of the owners of my favorite restaurant, Subculture (excellent deli on Beach and Warner, check it out), at his restaurant, and we were talking about college. He was telling me about the process he underwent 20 years ago, and he was asking me about my plans.

As I was telling him the colleges I was planning on applying to, something hit me.


Why on earth do kids have to pay to simply apply to college? Is that not the most ridiculous thing you could think of?

Paying a college tuition to allow you to attend is one thing, but why on earth should students pay to ask to attend the college?

I could not stop thinking about this while I was taking the PSAT. I have to pay to take the SAT and the ACT, which is almost a requirement for the high level universities, and then I have to pay to have colleges look at my resume and see if I’m good enough for them.

And if I’m not good enough, they keep my money anyway!



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