Emenius Sleepus

Recently. I’ve got this crazy urge to learn how to play an instrument. Specifically the guitar, because almost all of my favorite music has some type of  guitar in it. Whether it’s a synth guitar line, a soothing acoustic riff, a pulsating electric surge, or some good ‘ol slapping of the bass, I love hearing it and I desire to make noise like that myself.

The opening bass line of “Hitchin’ a Ride” by Green Day gets me every time. The electric guitars on “Airbag” by Radiohead send waves through your skull. Any sweet acoustic tune punctures my tear ducts.

Music is so important to me. No matter your relationship to music, whether it’s listening or creating, it is an extremely intimate and important relationship.  

I’m rarely without headphones in my ears at school. As someone who finds it hard to establish meaningful relationships in life, music is imperative to survival. That’s why I want to take it the next step and actually learn how to create some of it.



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