Look at this image, please.


I saw this on Facebook, posted by some meme page.  I HATE this image.

Why? Because it’s so dang accurate. Really think about it.

Why do we work? To get money. Why do we need money? Money allows us to live sufficiently and if you have enough of it, sometimes luxuriously. Why do we need to live sufficiently or luxuriously? To be happy. Why do we need to be happy? So we can enjoy our lives. Why do we need to enjoy our lives? I don’t know. But I do know we’d rather die comfortably rather than uncomfortably.

And that’s so sad. We work, and work, and work, and work and, work. That’s what’s emphasized to us in our daily lives. Be successful! Get good grades! Get a degree! Get a job! Get MONEY!

Hell, what if I don’t want money? Since when did the meaning of a comfortable, enjoyable life some standard set by everyone else? What if my meaning of happiness has nothing to do with “work”? This reminds me of some of the lyrics in one of my favorite songs, “Run” by Vampire Weekend:

“We mostly work to live. Until we live to work”.

Also in the song, the narrator realizes that he and his partner can simply run. Run away. Run away from the mundane cycle of reality. This brings me to the main point of my post.

Too many kids I know are obsessed with their grades. To get into college. To get a degree. To be successful. To get MONEY. Subconsciously, we all have this idea of working our butts off for a comfortable life.  And I’m SICK of it!

My goal in life is to meet someone I love, and spend my life with them. If I achieve that, I know that I will die comfortably. Real simple.

And I get if other people want more. I really do. I just wish people would stop worrying so much about living and just go out there and live. It’s your life. Don’t you forget. Do not get stuck in a spiral of ants.

So that’s why I hate that image. An unfortunately true statement, representative of too many people.


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