No surprises

It’s usually pretty cool to see our football team run out on to the field at the bell game to a huge roar from the crowd. This year wasn’t any different.



But this year I got what I thought was a pretty cool picture. I had the opportunity to use a nice piece of equipment to shoot it too, which was super fun.

We lost. Pretty bad too. 56-12. 44 point differential. The boys played their hearts out, but I guess in life putting your heart into something doesn’t really mean it’s gonna work out for you. Josh (#7, pictured, lead the team running through the posters), played with a ton of heart. He was passionate, just like the rest of his teammates.

But it wasn’t enough. It never is. Call me a cynic, but it seems from my experiences putting your heart into something seems like a guaranteed losing ticket in the lottery. It seems so silly to rely on something so commonly romanticized and lamented for being unreliable.

Our hearts are such fragile currencies, dependent and sensitive to every other factor life throws at us. It’s ironic really, that we rely on such a symbolically sentimental organ to keep us alive.


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