Running a cross country race is hard. It really is. 3 miles (in high school) of pain and intense, nerve-racking anxiety before and during the race. Some people are good at it and really, really know how to handle all the factors that influence a cross country race.

Just like our Lady Barons.


This weekend, the Barons’ varsity girls won Sunset League in dominant fashion. But the way they did it was remarkable.

As a team. These 5 girls pictured (Maddie, Kristen, Bella, Sara, and Ashley) ran the entire 3 miles tightly packed together, pushing each other on and never giving up. All 5 of them crossed the finish line within 7 seconds of each other, placing 4th thru 8th. It was an amazing sight to see. They passed runners with ease, each one encouraging the other to refuse to give up, to continue to fight the pain.

This is a perspective we could all learn a lot from. If any of those girls gave up, all would’ve been lost. They truly relied on each other for support and trusted each other to do their jobs well.

In life, we should learn to love and trust each other more. I certainly need to work on loving and trusting other people. I’m awful at both.

These girls, who ran their hearts out and worked together to conquer their goals, can certainly pose as role models for a lot of us.


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