Feel Good Inc.

Music is so, so, so subjective. Some music can sound like absolute mastery to some, and at the same time be complete trash to someone else.

For example, I hate trap music. To me, it’s basically just random yelling (usually degrading women or bragging about drug and alcohol use) over an annoying beat that was probably created in 4 minutes. But to some, this stuff is gold. Some really connect with this stuff, which is baffling to me.

However, who the hell am I to judge? Some people think my music taste sucks. Green Day is annoying. Weezer is just a bunch of dorks. What’s wrong with Thom Yorke’s eye? Gwen Stefani used to be in a band? My Chemical Romance is for emo kids!

But the thing is, I love these bands and I love their music (for the most part- looking at you Weezer, and those awful 2000s), and it always boggles my mind when someone just straight up says that something I like is “awful”.

What really grinds my gears is when someone says something bad about Radiohead. Really? Do you not have ears? I can get really heated about these things.

But then I take a step back and put myself in their shoes. Then I realize, that they are in the exact same situation I’ve put myself in.


Jacob here loves the Gorillaz. I like the Gorillaz too, they’re a really good , creative band with innovative music videos. But Jacob dislikes most of my music, mocking me sometimes, and I do the same to him and his music taste. I guess it’s just what’s always gonna be the case in terms of something so diverse like music.


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