Fitter Happier

In terms of fashion, I’m a decently fiscal, simple person. I rarely spend over $20-30 on a pair of pants, usually buying whatever is on sale. After all, I am a firm believer in people being what they are rather than what they have.

Some people see it different however. Some people have closets full of expensive clothing, clothes that they like and that makes them feel good about themselves. Which is fine of course.  I certainly am not one to judge or care. However, it’s still interesting to me.

Why do different people care about what they wear? What do clothes mean to different people? Why do some clothes cost extraordinary amounts (shirts for over $100, jackets for $600, etc) simply because of their brand?


Here’s my friend Dzuy with a jacket he likes. I don’t know how much it costed him, but it’s  probably a lot more than you’d think.

To me, clothes don’t have enough sentimental attachment to them to the point where I’d want to spend over the top amounts for them. I like dressing well for sure, but I like to do it fiscally.


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