Street Spirit (Fade Out)

I like long exposure photography. A lot. Not necessarily my own, because I’m not very good at it, but I love seeing professionals try their hand at it. There’s so many creative and interesting ways long exposure is done. There’s really no cap on it.

I love trying my own hand at it, but I always find myself backing out and sticking to what I’m used to.

However when I went to New York this Thanksgiving break, I did a little night exploration and decided to come out of my shell a little.


I didn’t have anything like a tripod to keep the camera still, so I just used a mailbox to steady my camera (a mailbox that takes up almost the entire bottom half of the photo).

The picture came out alright, to be fair to myself. It wasn’t perfect, or pro standard, but I think it’s an acceptable picture for what it is.

And maybe that’s the point. It really doesn’t have to be that “objectively” good. The result made me pretty happy, so I think that should be enough.

I believe I, and others, should apply this philosophy to everything we do. I think humans should stop worrying so much what we think of each other and just… be. Just act. Just do. 

The photo is probably out of focus (I’m not entirely sure, being honest), and I could’ve done a lot better. But I like it. That’s what matters.


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