The Great Gig In The Sky

I really understood everything for a moment. Only a moment though.

When I was sitting on my plane to New Jersey (the most pathetic place in the world, for the record), I decided to make the time go faster by plugging my earphones in and putting The Dark Side of The Moon on. However, I think the opposite happened.

The music started, and I felt compelled to look out the window and point my camera. I caught this photo:


Suddenly, time stopped. Really. It sounds weird, but time stopped in my mind. That view of the airplane wing was stuck there for me.

And in that moment of cerebral paralysis, everything made sense. Everything.

I understood why humans get sad, mad, glad. Why we fall in love, what love even is beyond the stupid chemicals in our brains. I think accessed 100% of my brain in that moment.

And then the broad, haunting screams of Clare Torry broke the paralysis. The great gig in the sky had finished. I no longer remembered or understood what I had just figured out, yet I still remember the power and understanding I felt.

So, so terrified. I’m terrified. Why did that happen? Why me? How on earth is that possible? That one measly human being can hold the fate of the world in his ebay bought camera lens?

I’ll never know.


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