Fake Plastic Trees

Look I don’t mean to sound edgy or too deep or whatever (admittedly I don’t really care for the labeling of things as “edgy” or “too deep”, just let people say things without categories you know) but I’m just kinda sick of people being so dumb. Not intellectually dumb, but just dumb about certain things.

Like for example, calling things “edgy” or “too deep”. That is genuinely one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s really, really dumb to patronize someone else’s genuine feelings to make yourself sound cooler or make your simple brain feel comfortable around more complex ideas.

I’m absolutely sick and tired of hearing “edgy” thrown around like it’s a bad thing. PLEASE  shut up.  Just because someone tries to find some sort of deep meaning in our usually useless lives, doesn’t mean you have a right to say their attempt at rationalizing irrationality itself is helpless and immature.

All that does is make yourself seem helpless and immature. I’ll almost definitely be called edgy for this post. Quite frankly, I don’t care. Really. Call me edgy. It doesn’t bother me. Just know that you’re an idiot.

Now, here’s this picture I took in New York.



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