Damask Rose

This blog post is in response to Let’s Get Specific by Beth Johnson. 

When it comes to writing, the one thing most writers definitely suffer from, as Johnson says, is a severe lack of detail. When I write, I often fail to provide enough detail. I read through my own material from time to time and ALWAYS find myself lacking in description. As readers, we NEED description and detail. Humans want to know everything. This innate, natural, human desire for description is probably what draws me to the writing of Stephen King, whose books are often longer than 1000 pages. Even his books that are a bit shorter are packed from cover to cover with detail and description.

I think this human desire to receive more to detail, to UNDERSTAND more about things, this CURIOSITY that us humans are born with, is what ultimately carries us throughout our lives.

Curiosity pushes us forward in life. Without curiosity, nothing is done in life. Without wondering how we could make ourselves better, we’d still be communicating via various grunts and such. If we never wonder, we never do anything. The human desire to gain more knowledge and to advance ourselves everyday powers almost everything in life. The appeal to everything in life is tied down to curiosity.

Want proof? You go to school to learn. That’s curiosity. You also go to school to eventually get a job and receive a salary, to live a higher standard of life. We want a higher standard of life because we’re curious about how he happy we can become and how much we can accomplish. Video games, movies, books, newspapers etc. are based entirely on our desire to learn more about the subject matter of whichever of the aforementioned medias you prefer. You listen to music because you’re curious as to how the notes can affect and influence your mind and heart.

Curiosity is the engine of us humans, the insignificant vehicles that roam and ravage this equally insignificant world. The fact that curiosity is working so hard to power something that ultimately doesn’t even matter is a powerful metaphor in itself… but that’s a talk for another time.

There are pillars in which humankind itself stands upon, and curiosity is almost certainly one of them.




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