Your opinion which is of no consequence

I think the incompetence of Donald Trump is blown a bit out of proportion. People love to make fun his spelling errors and poor grammar (which are in fact hilarious), but it’s a mistake to base actual criticism on his bad spelling.

Take this LA Times opinion piece, for example. The entire article is blow after blow to Trump and his goons’ awful spelling. And to be fair, the mistakes are absolutely horrific for the most part. But wouldn’t it be wiser to spend more time criticizing Trump on things that matter?

Sure, the mistakes are a poor reflection of the administration, and are, quite frankly, extremely puzzling. However, why does the writer feel the need to write a 775 article about grammar? Does the writer not realize that absolutely nothing constructive was achieved from this article? Trump’s spelling isn’t gonna get better because a self professed “grammarian” made fun of him. This type of behavior is exactly why Trump has been wrongly given this “hero of the people” title. His detractors are too focused on his insignificant flaws, like his spelling, instead of attacking him where it actually matters.

Bad journalists report on things that don’t matter. They make bad arguments with no evidence, and in this case, bad arguments with no significance. Nothing the writer wrote was important. Nothing the writer wrote informed anyone about anything that’s particularly important. Allan Fallow, the writer, is a bad journalist.

Everything in this article is just to make fun of Donald Trump, which is always fun but evidently doesn’t really work. Throughout his entire campaign, Donald Trump was mocked and laughed at by his detractors, and he won. His victory is THEIR mistake. If Trump was taken seriously during his campaign, and Clinton didn’t act like she was going to win the whole time, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess.

This awful excuse for an article reminds me of criticism in general. Throughout life, people are always making unnecessary remarks about one another. Criticism is fine, but it needs to be constructive. Acting overly negative about things is never helpful. If something isn’t up to your standards, then maturely respond to it and make suggestions of actual significance.



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