Planet Telex

In response to a short documentary on food waste.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that America has a completely arbitrary system for something as important as determining when food, which needs to be in good condition to provide necessary and healthy nutrition, is rotten or not. According to the linked video, the current system in place is a complex web of different rules regarding perishable food, with each state having its own set of rules. None of these laws have any scientific backing to them.

Finally, people are coming forward and questioning the arbitrary nature of the laws. For the record, these laws LITERALLY have no reasoning for the most part. Almost all of the sell by dates printed on milk jugs are made up.

I think this situation can serve as a metaphor for a common predicament we come along in our everyday lives. Beyond milk jugs, there are a lot of things that have arbitrary limits attached to them.

For example- your life. Most people have the same, basic goal in life. Get a good job, make a lot of money, die happy. There are an infinite number of ways to get there, but that’s a basic outline of what people aim for. But why?

I don’t know. Neither do you? In fact, I don’t think anyone knows.

These arbitrary goals set out for us fuel our lives. Without these goals, are lives are without meaning, until a new common goal is found. However I have a theory. I think life is all about defying this pigpen we often find ourselves rolling around in. I say that instead of soaking ourselves in the mud, oinking, we should seek something greater than money, or living in a big house or whatever.

And don’t think I’m preaching, because I’m not. I’m not this enlightened individual, who knows and sees all. I’m not necessarily a great person, as I have my flaws. I’m in the exact same pigpen as you, just another pig trying to work his tiny pig brain for a solution. Now, I don’t think we should murder the farmer and establish a communist farm society or anything. I just think maybe there’s something greater than money waiting for us at the end of the rainbow. We just have to work harder, and think larger to be able to attain it. Now, he’s Minh Khoi dribbling Marvis.





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